Carolla 2011 Interior Dashboard ECU and Parts Location

Toyota Carolla 2011 Instrument panel parts Location
1 Carolla Certification ECU Location
2 Carolla Daytime Running Light Relay Location
3 CarollaTire Pressure Warning ECU Location
4 Carolla R/B No.6 Location
5 Carolla Shift Lock Control ECU Sub-Assembly Location
6 Carolla  Airbag System ECU  Location
7 Carolla A/C Amplifier Assembly Location
8 Carolla Instrument Panel J/B Main Body ECU Location
9 Carolla Steering Lock Actuator Assembly Location
10 Carolla Transponder Key Amplifier Location
11 Carolla Power Steering ECU Location
12 Carolla R/B No.5  Location
13 Carolla Key Immubilizer ECU Location
14 Carolla J/B No.4 Location
15 Carolla J/B No.3 Location

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