Hyundai Getz 2005-11 Fuse Box Information

EFI Autos Guidense:

Detail About Car

Manufacturer: Hyundai

Model: Getz 1,4

Engine code: G4HE

Year: 2005-11

Engine Compartment Main Fuse box panel

Fuse Amp Circuit
F1 30A Ignition switch (starter motor relay, supply circuits)
F2 30A Ignition switch (supply circuits)
F3 30A Engine control relay, alternator, engine control module (ECM) fuse, fuel pump relay fuse
F4 30A Fuel filter heater relay
F5 30A Engine coolant blower motor
F6 50A Battery
F7 20A Anti-lock brake system (ABS), electronic stability program (ESP)
F8 40A Anti-lock brake system (ABS), electronic stability program (ESP)
F9 30A Blower motor relay
F10 10A Electric window relay
F11 15A Electric power steering
F12 120A Alternator - (1,4/1,6/DSL engines)
F12 100A Alternator - (1,1 engine)
F13 10A Engine control module (ECM)
F14 20A Engine control module (ECM)
F15 10A Petrol: Engine control module (ECM) - (1,1 engine), fuel pump relay, AC relay, immobilizer control module, heated oxygen sensor (HO2S)
F15 10A Diesel: Immobilizer control module, heated oxygen sensor (HO2S), stop lamps switch
F16 15A Petrol: Camshaft position (CMP) sensor, engine control module (ECM) - (1,1 engine), injectors, evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve
F16 15A Diesel: Camshaft position (CMP) sensor, glow plug relay, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve actuator,
turbocharger (TC) control solenoid
F17 -
F18 10A AC relay
F19 10A Horn relay
F20 15A Fuel pump (FP)
F21 10A Engine control module (ECM) - (1,1 engine), electrical load control module
F22 -
F23 - -
F24 25A Cigarette lighter
F25 10A ABS control module, electronic stability program (ESP) control module
1Alarm system relay
2Engine control (EC) relay
3AC/heater blower motor relay
4Engine coolant blower motor relay
5Engine coolant blower motor relay
6Starter motor relay
7AC relay
8Horn relay
9Fuel pump (FP) relay

Car Room under hood Fusebox Front side

Fuse Amp Circuit
F1 15A Audio system, door open warning buzzer, data link connector (DLC), instrument panel, interior lamps, rear fog lamps,
multifunction control module, clock
F2 10A Instrument panel, LH headlamp
F3 10A AC/heater blower motor relay, sunroof
F4 15A Hazard warning lamps, multifunction control module
F5 20A Heated front seats
F6 15A Multi switch assembly, rear screen wash/wipe system
F7 15A Cigarette lighter
F8 15A Audio system, door mirrors, digital clock
F9 10A Front fog lamp relay
F10 10A Electric windows, front fog lamps, multifunction control module, headlamp adjustment, heated rear window timer relay
F11 15A Electric windows, stop lamps, multifunction control module
F12 10A Daytime running lamps
F13 201 Multifunction control module relay, sunroof control
F14 10A Instrument panel, anti-lock brake system (ABS), multifunction control module, seat belt warning system, alternator,
heated rear window timer relay
F15 10A Instrument panel
F16 15A RH headlamp
F17 10A Rear fog lamp relay
F18 15A Ignition coil, audio unit suppressor - 1,4/1,6 engines
F19 -
F20 10A Supplementary restraint system (SRS) control module
F21 10A License plate lamp, RH side lamp, RH tail lamp, RH headlamp, horn
F22 10A LH side lamp, LH tail lamp, LH headlamp, daytime running lamps control module
F23 30A Heated rear window, multifunction control module, heated rear window relay
F24 20A Multi switch assembly, windscreen wash/wipe system
F25 10A Heated door mirrors, heated rear window, engine control module (ECM) - 1,1 engine
F26 10A Alarm system, starter motor relay
F27 10A Alternator, engine control module (ECM), fuel filter warning lamp switch, power steering control module, vehicle speed
sensor (VSS), transmission shift control switch
F28 10A Transmission range (TR) switch, hazard warning lamps, reversing lamps
F29 10A AC/heater blower motor

Car Room under hood Fusebox back side

1Indicator relay
2Rear fog lamp relay
3Daytime running lamps control module
4Front fog lamp relay
5Electric windows relay
6Tail lamps relay
7Heated rear window timer relay

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