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Knock Sensor Function In Urdu By Maji

Knock sensor aik aisa sensor hai jo aik coil per mushtamil hota hai yeh sensor bhohat sensitive hota hai yani yeh halki phulki viberation bhi mehsoos kar lata hai is sensor ka kaam yeh hota hai ke aik khas qisam ki vibration mehsoos karna,

Crank Sensor Function In urdu By Maji

Crank sensor aik aisi device hai jo autos ke engine mein istamal hoti hai issay aam alfaz mein crank sensor kehte hein, Yeh sensor Diesel aur Petrol both vehicles mein istamal hota hai, Crank sensor Piston ki position ko sense karta hai

Carolla 2007 1ZZ-FE ECU Pinout

Toyota Carolla 2007 Engines ECU Pinsout will help you to identify the pins of sensor for repair

Toyota Camry 2007 Engine ECU Pinout

Toyota Camry 2007 Engines ECU Pinsout will help you to identify the pins of sensor for repair


Toyota Prius 1.5L Hybrid AC Compressor for sale

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Question: Can we use the Bluedriver in windows?
Answer: No, Recently no you can not use it with Windows because the Bluedriver maker did not made any app for Windows operating system and MAC operating system, and you can not use it with emulator because emulators does not support Bluetooth, I have tested all the emulators one by one. Dont waste time with emulators.

I also have installed Remix OS as operating system in my laptop but it does not support the bluetooth.

For a more help I concerned with the bluedriver support team they said recently we support Android and IOS.
This time we do not have any plan to develop the Windows and MAC app but may be in future.

As proof I have attached the screen shot in post see below email response from BlurDriver support Team.