What is the function of Immobiliser device in autos

An immobilizer is an electronic security device which stops cars from
being started unless the matched key present, Immobilizers disables the main
features of vehicle to to stop engine, immobilizers stops working ignition, fuel system and starter motor.

This device read the key encrypeted code from electric signal with the help of coil around key switch, and decrypt that code and match code with ECU which is store in ECU, if the code is same then this allow cars to start engine.

If you inserted wrong key then the immobilizer detect code and immobile remain car in arm mode,
you can check if a security light in odo meter and anywhere in dashboard a light is blinking, If you isnerted a wrong key securtity key will remain blinking its mean car in an arm mode, Car security light will be remain blinking until you insert a matched key.

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