Main problem which leads vehicle No start | Specialy for all toyota new vehicles

In this post I will tell you some important things which leads a vehicle engine no start

If your crank and no start then see below some main things to point out fault

No 1# First of all turn ignition on position and check engine ligh is  is
illuminating or not if working then go to step no 2 and if not illuminating then check EFI fuse
if fuse is burnt then replace that

No 2# Second step is check security system by checking your blinking light in obo meter or 
anywhere on dashboard that ligh start blinking as you removed key from switch and gets off
as you insert key in switch, get key of vehicle out from switch and light will start blinking
and as you insert key in switch withourt turn on switch light will get off if this step is okay then go to step 3, if you removed key out and light is not blinking then there may be problem in immobilizer
just replace it. and check vehicle

No 3# Third step check fuel system is working, you just need to first check fuel pump is working by hearing noise of fuel pump, if you did not hear noise of fuel pump then you need to open the fuel line which goes to injectors and switch on and try to start vehicle for a second if fuel system is working then you see fuel in getting out from pipe if fuel is working then see step no 4

No 4# Fourth step check crank sensor with multimeter if there is no connectivity or showing connectivity too high then replace crank crank sensor

No 5# Fifth Step if all things above are okay then Check sparks in plug if plugs have spark then do step no 6

No 6# Sixth Step you need to change fire plugs, If after changing vehicles is not working
then you need to test vehicle timimg belt if there is timing belt broken vehicle engine crank fastly and vehicle change its engine sound.

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