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2TR-FE Engine is used in many of toyota vehicles
1- Prado         
2- Nova         
3- Rav4         
5-Hiace etc.. 

Specification of Engine
1- Petrol Engine
2- Four cylinder
3- 2700cc          
4- ETCS           
5- EFI              

Toyota Hilux which have 2TR-FE Engine Coil Connectors wires Sequence

Coil No 1

Coil No 2

Coil No 3

Coil No 4

Some Sensors Connectores Wires Sequence

Cam Position Sensor eires Sequence

ETCS Connector wires Srquence

Intake Air sensor Connector Wires Sequence

For More Detail and View see Below video
This is the Video of 2TR-FE engine


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