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Knock Sensor Function In Urdu By Maji

Knock sensor aik aisa sensor hai jo aik coil per mushtamil hota hai yeh sensor bhohat sensitive hota hai yani yeh halki phulki viberation bhi mehsoos kar lata hai is sensor ka kaam yeh hota hai ke aik khas qisam ki vibration mehsoos karna,

Crank Sensor Function In urdu By Maji

Crank sensor aik aisi device hai jo autos ke engine mein istamal hoti hai issay aam alfaz mein crank sensor kehte hein, Yeh sensor Diesel aur Petrol both vehicles mein istamal hota hai, Crank sensor Piston ki position ko sense karta hai

Carolla 2007 1ZZ-FE ECU Pinout

Toyota Carolla 2007 Engines ECU Pinsout will help you to identify the pins of sensor for repair

Toyota Camry 2007 Engine ECU Pinout

Toyota Camry 2007 Engines ECU Pinsout will help you to identify the pins of sensor for repair

DJI Drone:
DJI Drone is one of the most advance drone, it can be control through hands signal you can do all the operations by waving the hand in front of drone.
For More See the below video

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It is uploaded on Cnet Channel Channel 


Tire Preasure Moniter System:
Tire moniter system alet us if any of tire have a low air preasure in it and the light start illuminating in the dashboard   like this
you must neet to maintaine the air in the tires so light will gone
If there is a tpms sensor problem light will remain on.
if there is one of TPMS sensor bad I recommend you to replace all the TPMS sensors.

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ABS means Anti-lock brake system, this system comes in new vehicles for more safe driving, Abs system does not lock the wheels during barake and control the vehicle acceleration and vehicle remain in contact with the road.

Why the ABS light comes on?
1: IF there is air-locked in hydrolic pipes the ABS light comes on.
2: When there is a bad brake pad ABS light comes on.
3: When the wheel sensor is bad ABS ligt comes on.
4: When the wirinng connectror have water then ABS light comes on.
5: When the wiring gets damage the ABS light comes on.
6: When the wheel hub gets bad ABS light comes on. (tested by me)

Symptoms of Abs light In odo meter:
1: IF there is air-locked in hydrolic pipes the ABS light comes on.
2: When there is a bad brake pad ABS light comes on.
3: When the wheel sensor is bad ABS light comes on.
4: When the wiring connector have water then ABS light comes on.
5: When the wiring gets damage the ABS light comes on.
6: When the wheel hub gets bad ABS light comes on. (tested by me)

See below video



Mumkin Wajuhat:

  1. Petrol ki tanki ka dakna theak se tight na hona.
  2. Ya Tanki ka dakna na laga hona
  3. Tanki ke Main Pipes ka lose hona.


Yeh nizam companies ne is liay istamal mein laya hai ke fuel tank mein mojood
hawa jis mein petrol ke zarrat hote hein, woh kharaj ho kar mahol ko alooda na
kare aur dusra faida yeh hai ke engine is hawa mein mojood petrol ke zarrat ko
istamal karta hai, aur engine ki taqat barhata hai.

Agar ap car scan karte hein aur yeh code a raha hai to tasalli se oper batai gai
wajuhat ka zaroor mahina karein.

waise is problem ke related honda accord mein 3 tarha ke code ate hein

Yeh link bhi dakhein helpful ho sakta hai

Error Code P1457 | Evaporative Emissions Control System Leakage EVAP Canister System | Honda

How to check Purge control valve is working any vehicle
Error code p1457 honda
Error code p1457 honda

Mumkin Wajoohat:

  1. Tank se jo hawa ka pipe purge valve mein jata hai issay check karein ke kahein se leeking to nhi.
  2. Fuel Tank ka Dhakna check karein tight hai ya nhi
  3. Fuel tank ka Dhakna laga hua hai k nhi

Yeh jub code show ho raha hai to Sub se pehle Ap yeh tasalli karne ke liay fuel tank ka Dhakna kholein aur Ghor se kholein ke jaise he ap dhakna kholte hein dakna hawa ko baher phoonkta hai ( blow ) karta hai ya nhi, Agar nhi karta to Ap aisa karein ke purge control valve se pipe utarein aur ussay kisi cheaz se net se ya kisi bhi cheaz se us ka muh band kar dein yad rahe us pipe ka muh band karna hai jo tenki ki taraf hawa wala pipe jata hai aur ab 5 km ki drive karein aur wapis shop pe la ke ab phir dakhna kholeon aur dakhein ke tanki hawa blow karti hai bahir ya nhi, Agar nhi karti to is ka matlab hai ke tanki mein leaking hai aur agar karti hai to is ka matlb hai ke perge control valce mein koi masla hai aur woh kam nhi kar raha.

Purge Control valce kaise check karein

Purge control valve kaisa hota hai.
Agr ap ne tamam leakage check kar li aur ap purge control valve check karna chahte hein to sub se pehle ap connecter mein current check karein aur agar current plus minus okay hai to ap aisa karein ke purge control valve se woh pipe utarein jo tanki ki taraf jata hai aur phir gari start karein aur purge control IN FROM TANK side pe finger rakh ke dakhein ke engine hawa kheench raha hai ke nhi,
hawa jatke se kheenchi jaye ge, agar nhi kheench raha to purge control valve change kar dein.

oper mein ne purge control valve ki picture apko dikhai hai yeh mukhtalif shakal ka hota hai kahein issi surat ka na dhoondte rehna.

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An immobilizer is an electronic security device which stops cars from
being started unless the matched key present, Immobilizers disables the main
features of vehicle to to stop engine, immobilizers stops working ignition, fuel system and starter motor.

This device read the key encrypeted code from electric signal with the help of coil around key switch, and decrypt that code and match code with ECU which is store in ECU, if the code is same then this allow cars to start engine.

If you inserted wrong key then the immobilizer detect code and immobile remain car in arm mode,
you can check if a security light in odo meter and anywhere in dashboard a light is blinking, If you isnerted a wrong key securtity key will remain blinking its mean car in an arm mode, Car security light will be remain blinking until you insert a matched key.

If you have any question do no hesitae to concern that.

must comment and if this post need any correction kindly inform me.

how toyota smart keys works
how smart keys works

Smart key is a key fob to start vehicle and lock and unlock vehicle
you must have a key fob inside pocket or close to vehicle, if you have key fob
in your pocket and when you go to unlock the vehicle you do not need to unlock vehicle
with key fob, if you have key fob in your pocket you just need to pull vehicle door handle to unlock
vehicle and door will be open, and for starting the vehicle you also have key fob in your pocket or closer to vehicle
and just press the brake padal and press the push start button to start the vehicle
if you just press the push button, without pressing the brake padal then your vehicle switch will be on and no start engine untill you press the brake padal.
To check smart key is working or not just go near the vehicle and try to open the door by pulling the door handle if vehicle door do not open then unlock the door first with key fob unlock button, if door do not open with key fob the put out the key and from key fob and open the door with machinal key
and get inside the vehicle sit on driver seat and press the brake padal and look as you press the brake padal and see push button light illuminate or not

How to check smart key is working or not
How to check smart key is working or not

 if do not illuminate then change the key fob battery.

if after changing the fob's cell you are getting problem then take vehicle to near dealership.

In this post I will tell you some important things which leads a vehicle engine no start

If your crank and no start then see below some main things to point out fault

No 1# First of all turn ignition on position and check engine ligh is  is
illuminating or not if working then go to step no 2 and if not illuminating then check EFI fuse
if fuse is burnt then replace that

No 2# Second step is check security system by checking your blinking light in obo meter or 
anywhere on dashboard that ligh start blinking as you removed key from switch and gets off
as you insert key in switch, get key of vehicle out from switch and light will start blinking
and as you insert key in switch withourt turn on switch light will get off if this step is okay then go to step 3, if you removed key out and light is not blinking then there may be problem in immobilizer
just replace it. and check vehicle

No 3# Third step check fuel system is working, you just need to first check fuel pump is working by hearing noise of fuel pump, if you did not hear noise of fuel pump then you need to open the fuel line which goes to injectors and switch on and try to start vehicle for a second if fuel system is working then you see fuel in getting out from pipe if fuel is working then see step no 4

No 4# Fourth step check crank sensor with multimeter if there is no connectivity or showing connectivity too high then replace crank crank sensor

No 5# Fifth Step if all things above are okay then Check sparks in plug if plugs have spark then do step no 6

No 6# Sixth Step you need to change fire plugs, If after changing vehicles is not working
then you need to test vehicle timimg belt if there is timing belt broken vehicle engine crank fastly and vehicle change its engine sound.

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Many of Toyota Vehicle which have a electronic trottle control system attempt this fault when we release the vehicle peadal then vehicle gets off, lets come to know why this fault accured
when we disconnet the battery connector for a 10 to 20 minutes or more or we removed the battery and we just remain switch on and the memory of trottle control gets lost and then you need to relearn your trottle control, by just cleaning the the trottle body, one thing if there is this problem The MIL lightdo not illuminates,

to test there is problem in trottle body or trottle body need to have clean you just need to try this trick to know trottle body have problem or not, just you need to remove the connector and start vehicle and check if vehicle is idle standing then you need to clean trottle body, if vechile is still have a problem then you need to check air leakage, I mean check other pipes, like brake pipes there may be problem and vehicle engine is getting air inside which leads vehicle to gets off as release gas pedal.


Dear vister

First I will tell you why this error show in during scaning vehicle when the sensor is short it show circuit high in scanner and when the coil is week then it show circuit open or circuit low

When there was problem accured in communication with sensor and the magnetic gear if it provide low magnetic field or high magnetic field then is ECM do not able to point out the exact speed so it show the mailfunction in scanner

In vehicle there was problem in tire hub sensor gear which was not communicationg with sensor and was showing the sensor mailfunction

For more info see the video


Welcome dear vister

In Oxygen sensor there comes four wires
Two are black, one is blue and other is black

check oxygen sensor with multimeter
if there is connectivity in both black heater wires then
sensor is okay otherwise replace the sensor

many of times people wash the the sensor and re-install that again and
do not get any benefit

so first check the continuty of both black wires
if that have contibuty then clean that and re-install
you will get result

For more to know see below video


This video is about how to check Nissan alternator's avr this avr is used in many of vehicles
like cheverlet caprice, mitsubishi pajero etc this avr function is to control alternator to provide current to battery as that need and provide current to vehicle consumption of current.

See for more info how to check this AVR just see below video


2TR-FE Engine is used in many of toyota vehicles
1- Prado         
2- Nova         
3- Rav4         
5-Hiace etc.. 

Specification of Engine
1- Petrol Engine
2- Four cylinder
3- 2700cc          
4- ETCS           
5- EFI              

Toyota Hilux which have 2TR-FE Engine Coil Connectors wires Sequence

Coil No 1

Coil No 2

Coil No 3

Coil No 4

Some Sensors Connectores Wires Sequence

Cam Position Sensor eires Sequence

ETCS Connector wires Srquence

Intake Air sensor Connector Wires Sequence

For More Detail and View see Below video
This is the Video of 2TR-FE engine


How are you dear
Welcome to This page

Recently I have bought this device, as receive I connected with my Camry 2003 but it did not connected with so after that I connected it with my friend camry 2009 for test it connected with camry but just shown the MIL codes, there was air bag fault in camery and air bag light was running but this device did not show any code regarding airbag.

Yesterday I connected this device with ford Caurus SE 2009 and come to know this device can work best with american cars like gmc, ford, cheverlet, dodge, benz

You can see below video of ford caurus SE 2013 with BlueDriver


This keyless entry system is comming in ford cars, this systen is very good if you have not key or remote with you, you can also lock and unlock the door open the trunk, this system make your car very fabulous, if your vehicle is locked and you want to get things from vehicle you can unlock car with 5 digit code and do.
You can easily change your code may in new models come with more features with them you may drive vehicle so keep buying ford.

See below video for keyless entry code location


Now a days all new vehicles are comming full computer So it is necessory for all Auto electrition to know Auto Diagnosing, because without auto scanning its is very difficult to find out a fault.

So if there is problem just scan the vehicle read code detail on internet and do solution. 

To know more just see below video 
how can you diagnose a vehicle


Toyota Denso Power window motor IC bypass

Power windows motors are used in autos for open and close the door glasses, These motors also have a IC which is used to prevent burnt motor when windows glasses are played by child are anyone and the IC in motor break the current to power windows motor to prevent motor burn, it take less time about a minute or less or more it depend on IC, Many of time motors IC gets bad and it lead vehicle glasses open and close slow and many of time when you close glass it many of time break current to motor.
So we can increase fhe glass speed by bypass the IC.

NOTE: It is risky if your door power windows button have hang problem it may lead your notor burnt and also when you keep playing with glass for 10 minutes it may be burn the motor armacher.


See Below video to know

First download these files

Oukitel K6 Pc drivers: Download
Oukitel K6 TWRP files: Download
Oukitel K6 Flash Tool: Download
Oukitel K6 SuperUser: Download