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Knock Sensor Function In Urdu By Maji

Knock sensor aik aisa sensor hai jo aik coil per mushtamil hota hai yeh sensor bhohat sensitive hota hai yani yeh halki phulki viberation bhi mehsoos kar lata hai is sensor ka kaam yeh hota hai ke aik khas qisam ki vibration mehsoos karna,

Crank Sensor Function In urdu By Maji

Crank sensor aik aisi device hai jo autos ke engine mein istamal hoti hai issay aam alfaz mein crank sensor kehte hein, Yeh sensor Diesel aur Petrol both vehicles mein istamal hota hai, Crank sensor Piston ki position ko sense karta hai

Carolla 2007 1ZZ-FE ECU Pinout

Toyota Carolla 2007 Engines ECU Pinsout will help you to identify the pins of sensor for repair

Toyota Camry 2007 Engine ECU Pinout

Toyota Camry 2007 Engines ECU Pinsout will help you to identify the pins of sensor for repair

Toyota carolla comes with a good radiator fan ECU, that ecu is really good for autos for automatic radiator fans, you can use this ecm in all vehicles, but if there you want to direct the fans just cut the small wire to make them direct as on the switch fan will start.

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In this video i will show you about the wires color comming from ecu, this type of ecu are used in carolla, camry, yaris, fortuner,
you can come to know about the coils wires and injectors wires comming from ecu


Error code p1603 p1604 and p1605 code solution

Dear friend

When you diagnosis the vehicle and get three codes p1603, p1604 and p1605 and there are no other codes regarding engine, then you need to follow this video, this video will help you, first time when the vehicle arrive with this situation on my shop i diagnosed the vehicle and put out the result there is may be fault in engine valve, i putted out the result because customer was in hurry and few days ago a carolla 2013 model arrived on my shop, that vehicle had this problem engine in  idle position was rough and was shaking, I diagnosed the vehicle with my VDM and there was three codes p1604, p1604 and p1605, the vehicle was not able to drive, the gas pedal was not working, when i pressed the full pedal it take about 15 second to take RPM to 4 and vehicle engine power was too low, then i was thinking what i need to do, so I stopped the engine and check the spark in all the coils, I had checked the all coil one by one, then there is one question had created in my mind if there us coil problem Diagnostic computer must give me code regarding coils, then i tried to test the pulses in the coil connectors there was two coil connectors had no pulses then quickly i putted out the result there is ECU problem.


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